you’re telling me they don’t speak english???

How do I put this? It was a bit of a let-down when I didn’t get to go to France (my first choice). Not only because fine breads and cheeses make my world go round but also because I’ve taken French for a few years in school. I’m not a master, but I had a head start. 

But alas, I got the Czech Republic, and they don’t speak French. Or English. Also, a common rumor is that they speak “Czechoslovakian” which I don’t believe ever was a language. If it was, it is not spoken where I am going. 

Differences between Czech and English:

  1. Czech has 42 letters-English has 26
  2. Czech has soooooo many more accents. (Does English really have any accents?)
  3. Czech is closely associated to Slovak (duh) and Polish. If you’re like me, that doesn’t really help you in relating it to anything that you have ever heard before. 
  4. The verb tenses are like, way more complex than French (or English). 

So that leaves me with a few months (more like one month) to try and tackle a language that is unlike anything I have a moderate amount of experience with. Why did I think this was a good idea again? 

About a week ago, I got an e-mail happily announcing that all of the kids going to the Czech Republic were now going to have to take mandatory quizzes, just to make sure we weren’t slacking off. WHAT A GREAT IDEA. 

Technically, it really is a good idea. Us exchange students must always be kept accountable. Yet, this means that I have to face the fact that I do not know nearly as much Czech as the average Czech 16 year-old. Or the average 3 year-old. I can say hello and ask how you are, but it may take a moment for me to explain that I am also doing fine. Ugh why aren’t I a genius? 

This post is turning out to be far more melodramatic than I really mean to be. I trust in the fact that I will figure it out along the way, but that doesn’t mean I’m not studying at all. I’m trying my best, and that is all the one can do. 

hello (ahoj)

I literally have no idea how to start this out. 

Uh, welcome? 

I guess I should communicate how lucky you are to have found the place where I will be sharing plenty of things about what should be the greatest year of my life. 

So now that we all have fabulously low expectations, let us begin. 

My name is Allie, also known as Al. In about a month I am going to be flying away from my home, to live in the Czech Republic for a year. 

I am a Rotary Youth Exchange Student, and no matter how ungrateful I may seem about that fact throughout this blog, I don’t think that a million thank-yous could fully describe how thankful I am at getting this opportunity. 

Enough mushy stuff. 

I speak English. Pretty damn good English. 

Czech people speak Czech. I’m guessing it’s pretty damn good Czech.

I speak very little Czech, and what I do speak, it is probably very bad. 

So there’s one thing to be worried about. 

Another thing is my plane disappearing. (Thank you Malaysian Airlines.) 

Not making any friends. 

My host family having a cat. 

Yet despite all of the terrible things that could happen, I choose to be a blindingly bright beacon  (double points for alliteration) of hope. I mean I guess I could choose to not go, but that isn’t nearly as fun. 

So in a month I’ll be off. And I promise my writing will be better.