an open letter to my brother

As you can guess, one of the hardest things about being an exchange student is being away from your family for a grossly long period of time. While I feel like I have dealt with that fairly well, it is hard sometimes. Today I wanted to take some time for my brother, who has his sophomore recital tonight (he’s in college and majoring in classical guitar).

Dear James,

Tonight is a big night for you. I know that you have been practicing a lot for this. I’m sure that you are nervous about it, which is good. Nothing is worth doing if it doesn’t make you at least a little uncomfortable.

I have always admired your hard work and tenacity. Although I make fun of you for sitting in your room for 8 hours a day during the summer playing Bach, I have seen what amazing things come from all of that work. As I have gotten older I have realized that I am so lucky to have someone like you as a big brother. You have shown me how to work hard for what I want. When I see you achieve great things I know that I can too. It’s always great to hear all of the compliments people give you after they hear you play.

I miss you dearly. I have yet to find anyone in this whole world who I think is as funny as you. Today I was looking at a fairly weak selection of Mexican food at the grocery store and I teared up thinking about you yelling at me to make the guacamole because dinner will be ready soon. Remember when you always tried to get me to run away from Mom in the grocery store and I always chickened out? I miss talking on the porch and boxing in the living room and everything else James.

We have come to the point in life where siblings go different ways a bit earlier than other people. But I have always appreciated your support. You always assure me that I am doing well and that you are proud of me too.

I love you sooooo much James. I don’t want to be anywhere else other than Louisville, KY tonight watching you perform, but unfortunately I can’t be there. I’m so sorry about that. I wish you had some European tour dates that took you to Prague or even Ostrava coming up, but we’ll probably have to wait a few more years for that.

Next year I’ll be there sitting right next to lil d just like last year. I am so proud of you James. Really. I can’t imagine where I would be without you. Tonight is going to be absolutely amazing. I don’t expect anything less. I can’t wait to watch a video/hear an excerpt of your recital tonight.

Break a string bud (is that funny? I’m not sure)



This is the program for the recital. Classic James.

If you want to take a look at the recital program:

YouTube Channel:


(Okay okay I’m done promoting my brother…)

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  1. managingmania · March 10, 2015

    Reblogged this on MAnaGIng mANiA and commented:
    Among the many things I am proud of as a parent…maybe at the top of the list is that my children have grown to love deeply and care greatly for each other. Lord knows I don’t get credit for this…as it is not what I modeled in my relationships with my siblings. They have cultivated a friendship that will endure, and I am so very happy to be a witness to it.


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