I would do anything for my mother. She is the person that has been with me my entire life, which is not an easy task. She has dealt with my stress, immaturity, anger, sadness, frustration, tears, triumphs, and pitfalls with such grace. I couldn’t have breakdowns on the kitchen floor with anyone else in the world.

I recently got to that point in life when you realize that your parents are people just like you. It’s a terrifying and liberating feeling. You suddenly understand that you have to be there for your parents the way that they are there for you. Exchange has taught me that I could be a lot better at that.

I am looking forward to seeing my Mom again. I have missed talking with her constantly. I have missed our homemade pizzas and her willingness to jump at every insane idea I have.

My Mom never doubts me, and I now have learned never to doubt her. She is the strongest woman I have ever encountered. She comes out of situations unbroken. She takes risks and is learning to speak her mind. She is my biggest cheerleader and I can’t wait to go home and once again be her’s.

I could talk about my mother for days on end. I hate seeing places I know she would love without her, but I’ll guess I’ll just have to work to take her around the world with me. The next time I see Van Gogh and Monet in one room she has to be there with me. The next time I run around a city like a child, I want her to be right beside me. I have faith that she will be.

Before I end all this, I want to simply thank you, Mom. I would not be the person I am today without you, and I am so proud to say that. Thank you for every single thing you’ve ever done for me (the list is far too long to post).

Mom, I love you more than you could ever imagine. I think about you every day, and I cannot wait to see you. Love you lots. ❤

❤ ❤ ❤

She's raised two great kids. :)

She has raised two great kids. 🙂

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